Thank you so much for all of your hard work helping us. We learned a great deal from you and it was so so needed and helpful.

Todd, Head Teacher 4th Grade

Jamie is especially gifted at understanding the child's needs and being aware of the child's emotional sensitivities. She has established many close relationships and bonds with the children. She is dedicated to her job which is evident in her willingness to try new things and to use the resources around her for support.

Danielle, Head Teacher 1st Grade

Thank you so much for all the time, thought, and effort you have put in and continue to put in! His progress can be seen on a daily basis. My husband and I are truly appreciative of everything you have done to help him out and also for taking the time to correspond and update everyone on the team, especially over the weekend. Thank you again.

Mom, Grade School

Your ability to articulate our daughter's weaknesses and strengths in an eloquent and clear manner helped her secure the most appropriate service... Jamie you have been instrumental in her success this year. You have been tireless in your drive to make a difference and help her become part of the classroom in a meaningful way. We are very grateful to you for your extraordinary efforts on her behalf and we delight in her growth and newfound voice.

Psychologist and Mom, 5-year old child

Curious and intelligent, Jamie worked tirelessly to enhance her students understanding of reading and math strategies. Conversations with Jamie reveal how much she understands about the "why" in teaching as well as the "what".

Daria Rigney, Principal

Thank you for providing me with an incredible internship this summer! I gained an unbelievable amount of experience and I learned so much. I look forward to using what I learned throughout my future teaching experiences. If only I didn't have to go back to college and I could work at Team Esteem!

Jordi, Team Esteem Intern

Over the course of the past year, I have been impressed by her dedication, creativity, professionalism, and willingness to go "the extra mile" for the families with whom she works and the teams with which she collaborates. Jamie readily integrates Occupational Therapy suggestions for sensory work, behavioral management, and task modification into her classroom work... Jamie has abundant energy and optimism with the children and families she coaches. She presents in a classroom with confidence and a facility for knowing what needs to be done, working well with teachers, children, and parents. She is compassionate, curious, responsible, and creative. I am struck by her self-drive and motivation.

Marjory Becker-Lewin, MA, OTR

Thanks for adding extra flavor to our class! You have a high level of professionalism and are always available after hours for questions and consulting. You worked with the rhythm of the classroom and didn't interfere with its flow. You helped each child reach their potential by connecting with them as a coach who helped them achieve their goals independently.

Yocheved, Teacher

Team esteem introduced me to coping strategies I didn't know about before.

T, 20 years old

I was impressed with her ability to use multisensory activities throughout the day to address the needs of her students. She is always willing to hear feedback from the team and try new strategies to make her classroom more successful. She is always well-prepared and organized and her students respond well to her teaching methods.

Lindsay A Shaw, MS, OTR/L

You have helped me grow as a teacher and your encouragement was invaluable to me.

Roberta, Head Teacher

My 2.5 year old son used to be disruptive in his classroom and couldn't share toys with other children...until we met with Jamie Levine and implemented the Team Esteem curriculum. Now our son's behaviors exhibit less disruption and more collaborative interaction with his peers.

M, Father of 2.5 Year Old

It has been a pleasure working with you. Your dedication to the kids has been a big inspiration to me and has made such a difference in their lives. The children who get to work with you next year are lucky indeed!

Linda, Assistant Teacher

As a SEIT of Team Esteem, I found working with Jamie a true pleasure. She was helpful in guiding me when working with parents and teachers. I found the techniques used benefited the children's language development and social interactions. Jamie is a truly talented professional who cares deeply about children.

Rae Ann, MA

As a director of a preschool, I found Jamie and the staff she hired to be extremely helpful with our students who struggled with language and/or behavior issues. Their communication with my staff and with the parents as well as outside professionals was remarkable. I saw great growth in the students she serviced.

Rae Ann, MA

You have taught me a great deal about working with kids, working in school, and about life in general. You have been a mentor to me in many ways and I know Team Esteem will only keep growing.

Liza, Licensed Social Worker

Jamie spent a lot of time getting up to speed with our situation, getting information from me, my son's teachers, and others. She has also been extremely open to suggestions and trying different approaches to see what would work best for my son. Jamie has done a great job of coordinating with all relevant parties, myself included. I have received almost daily written reports with additional phone calls as needed. Jamie is reliable, has a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, and is an upbeat and positive person. We are grateful to her.

Mother, 5-year old child

You are a wonderful teacher and I will miss your sense of humor and the commitment you brought to the school experience.

Jeanie, Movement Teacher

Thank you for always believing in me and helping me to learn so much this year. I will miss you!!

Louis, 2nd Grade Student

Thank for your support, encouragement and for giving our children the tools to move onto greater challenges and adventures.

Families, 2nd Grade Class

I started working with Jamie Levine at a time when I was looking to refocus my occupational therapy practice to work more intensively with fewer clients. Jamie's training helped me accomplish my professional goals and be of maximum service to my clients and their families. The Team Esteem approach is client-centered, collaborative, and effective across settings and I'm proud to be able to serve families under Jamie's guidance.

Katie, MA, OTR/L

Your constant care, concern, and involvement made such a difference in our lives and we don't know how we could have gotten through this time without you. Your positive, upbeat and loving personality has made working with you so incredible.

Parents, 7-year old child

Jamie showed strong capacity to establish positive rapport and a trusting relationship with her students, a strength that continued to be apparent as she worked in multiple classrooms in the school. Jamie worked creatively, enhancing the skills of a number of students with different language-based disabilities. She was, and continues to be, eager to explore different teaching methods and apply them to her student interactions.

Sharon, Head Teacher 5th Grade

It is truly impossible for us to thank you for all you've done for our daughter. You have been critical to her success, she's so lucky to have had you with her this past year. Thank you again from the very bottom of our hearts!

Mother and Father, 5-year old child